Review Policy

I am more than willing to accept books in exchange for honest reviews. However my To Read list is huge and I cannot promise if and when I will get to your book.

Genres I Will Look At

I will be willing to give anything a look, though I am not particularly interested in erotica or straight up romance. Some of my favourite genres are:

Science Fiction
Fantasy (Epic, Urban, YA, etc.)

I am willing to take a look at self-published books in exactly the same way as I would regularly-published ones.

Preferred Formats

I read almost exclusively on Kindle, so would prefer Ebooks in Epub or Mobi format.
Physical copies are accepted, please note that I live in France

Review Requests

Please include the following:
Synopsis and title of the book
When you want the review to be up by
Cover Art
About the author
How you found out about the blog

If you would like to promote a book, do an interview or a guest post please email me with the relevant information and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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