mardi 25 mars 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Bucket List

Top Ten Things on My Book Bucket List
  1. Beat last years book reading challenge score of 284 books for the year. (Well on my way with 85 books read already in less than 3 months).
  2. Regularly update this blog. I’ve been remiss at doing that for the past few years so I really want to try and post reviews more often and not so sporadically.
  3. Read more literary and non-fiction.
  4. Participate more in the blogging community through memes (like this one, so yay! J ) and by leaving comments of favourite blogs.
  5. Reread Robin Hobb’s Farseer Trilogy, Liveship Traders Trilogy and Tawny Man Trilogy in anticipation of this year’s release of Fool’s Assassin. Have already started on this one with Assassin’s Apprentice last month, so on track so far.
  6. Continue with my President’s Biography Read. I have set myself a goal of reading a biography of every US President from Washington to Obama before the 2016 election. This year, I’ve already read about James Garfield, Chester A Arthur, Grover Cleveland and Benjamin Harrison. I have some longer books to read over the rest of the year – including an entire trilogy about Teddy Roosevelt – so will probably only read about McKinley and Roosevelt for 2014.
  7. Try and write a review of every book I read this year the day after I finish it (even if I just post it to Goodreads and not necessarily to the blog).
  8. Read more new releases so as to have read as many books as possible before the Goodreads Awards at the end of the year!
  9. Get at least one book request approved by a publisher on Netgalley. New to the whole netgalley thing, so I would feel that having at least one of my book requests approved would be a sign that I have managed to keep regular on the blog.
  10. Gain a couple more followers. I only have 3, so a couple more for the year would be cool.
What’s on YOUR bucket list?

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