lundi 23 juin 2014


Well, as you may have noticed, updates here have been few and far between in the last few weeks. That is due to a number of factors, mainly to do with my son's health - I have a three-year old who is handicapped and so has regular doctor's appointments: source of major stress for me and my wife.

So it is becoming harder to keep this updated, especially with full-blown reviews. So in the next few weeks I'm going to try something new - Bullet Point Reviews. As the name indicates, these will be shorter reviews done in the form of bullet points, easier and quicker to write. I may sometimes write the occasional full review if a book really captures my attention, but that will also depend on time. Hopefully that will allow me to get back on track with posting here.

Of course, any comments from anyone actually reading these will be most appreciated and a definite moral boost to increase my motivation! :)

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