mardi 15 juillet 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Favorite TV Shows

Top Ten Favorite TV Shows
When I'm not reading and reviewing, I spend a lot of time watching TV shows, especially with my wife. Choosing just ten is difficult, but I managed to narrow it down to these, in no particular order...:

From the moment Jack woke up on that beach, I was hooked. Would I have preferred more answers in the controversial sixth season? Yes. Did I think that it did what I think a finale should do and wrap up the characters’ storyline? Most definitely.
Person of Interest

Probably the finest show on television at the moment, it is a hell of a lot more than an action adventure. Huge emotional punches in every season, fantastic characters, an absolutely enthralling sci-fi plot... Person of Interest has it all as far as I am concerned.

I love all Star Trek, but Deep Space Nine was the finest example of what this universe can do. Sometimes dark, sometimes funny, always full of the spirit of Roddenbery’s hopeful vision of the future, Deep Space Nine showed just how good sci-fi can be.
West Wing

If this list was in any kind of order, West Wing would probably be right up there at the top. I love these characters so much, I wish the show had continued on for a dozen more seasons. One of the few shows I watch religiously over and over again.

My wife and I’s go-to show when we’re feeling down (which happens a lot what with my son’s health issues) this always gives us a boost. We’re currently on our who-knows-how-many-eth rewatch of the show and we still laugh just as hard now as we did the first time we watched it.
Big Bang Theory
The second go-to show when we’re down, Big Bang Theory is so different from Friends and yet so similar in terms of how hard we laugh at every episode. Such a great cast, fantastic characters and too many geek references to mention. Love it!
Orphan Black

If you’re not watching this... Why not? Put down the blog and go and watch it now! One of the best SF series out there at the moment, Orphan Black is extremely addictive!
House of Cards (Netflix)

I watched Season 2 in a day. ‘Nuff said. Oh, and Kevin Spacey is awesome.
Doctor Who

I have vague memories of “Old Who” when I was a kid in the UK, but never really got into it, beyond reading a couple of the novelisations. Nevertheless, as soon as NuWho began, I became obsessed. David Tennant will always be ‘my’ Doctor, though I love Matt Smith as well. The recent anniversary episode and the reveal of the War Doctor was amazing, and I can’t wait to see what Moffat and co do with Peter Capaldi.

Come back, Dr Bishop! Fringe is one of those rare shows – a sci-fi program that somehow survived on the Fox network. The cast were breathtaking and the storylines inspired (although the final season was a bit uneven at times) and my entire family were obsessed.
What are some of your favorite TV shows and why?

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