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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Most Read Authors

Top Ten Most Read Authors

I used the Goodreads Most Read Authors option to put this list together and then selected a handful from amongst the top 25 or so based on preference and variety. I ended up with this list: 

Stephen King (34)

Not surprising there. The Dark Tower series alone comes to eight books. I’ve read a lot of King over the years, though I’m still far from working my way through his entire oeuvre.

Terry Brooks (32)

Again, not at all a surprise. Brooks was my first post-LOTR introduction to epic fantasy. I have read every single book Brooks has written, from the Shannara epic to the Magic Kingdom Sold! series and not forgetting his wonderful memoir on writing, Sometimes the Magic Works. An immediate buy for me whenever a new book comes out.

Christopher Golden (17)

I started reading Golden after watching the entire run of Buffy in a couple of weeks and looking for something to quench my vampire thirst. Golden had written Buffy tie-ins before branching out into his own vampire series. I have since read most of his books – he has written some fantastic stand alone horror and dark fantasy novels.

Michael Crichton (13)


I went through a Crichton obsession after watching Jurassic Park. Personal favorites: Congo and Sphere, which is one of the creepiest books I can remember reading as a teenager.

Jacqueline Carey (11)

I had to space out the Kushiel series over multiple months because I did not want to finish them too quickly. Loved them, both for the characters’ voices and the wonderful world building Carey put into creating her alternate history. Although I have also enjoyed her recent urban fantasy series, I do hope that one day she will come back to the world of the Anges!

Neil Gaiman (10)

Probably the best fantastical writer working today. I have read all of his books and have most of them in paperback format (which is rare for the ebook lover that I am).

Cassandra Clare (9)

Again, an extensive series, so by the time you put together the six books of the Mortal Instruments and the three books of the Infernal Devices trilogy, you have a lot of books by one author! J

Robin Hobb (16)

Another of those rare writers where I have pretty much all of her books in actual physical form. I love all of Hobb’s worlds and characters and am so happy she has returned to pick up the Fool and Fitz series!

David Weber (20)

The best space opera, military sf series out there at the moment, the Honor Harrington series has sprawled out into a massive epic that has multiple offshoots and collections of short stories. All told, a 30-book chronicle that continues to grow. Good thing I don’t have the other series he wrote or I would probably have nothing but these on my bookshelves!

Daniel Silva (14)


A recent addition to my Most Read Authors, I’ve been reading Silva’s Gabriel Allon series for the past year. A great thriller series with a fantastic main character, I have all 14 of the books. 

Honorable Mentions: Peter David (25), Raymond E Feist (23), Jim Butcher (16), Robert Jordan (14), Clive Cussler (13), Steve Berry (12), Camilla Lackberg (8), Gail Carriger (7)

So, what authors take up the most space on your bookshelves (electronic or otherwise?) Share in the comments! 

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