samedi 6 décembre 2014

The X-Files - Season 10: Volume 2 by Joe Harris

As Scully and Mulder try to deal with the fallout from the actions of a mysterious group that has been targeting anyone associated with the X-Files and causing their return to the Bureau, reports that a creature from their past has returned sends Mulder heading to Martha's Vineyard and Scully to Quantico.

Follow-ups to television series in the form of comic books have become de rigeur nowadays (especially if said television series has the name of Joss Whedon attached to it).The X-Files - a seminal show of the 90s if ever there was one, tapping into government paranoia and conspiracy fears - is only one of those to receive the comic book continuation treatment. This second volume, following on from the introductory graphic novel that reintroduced the world of the X-Files through a classic alien-conspiracy story, picks up where the show left off, reintroducing the concept of monsters-of-the-week, while also providing us with an update on some beloved characters. 

Volume 2 is a definite love letter to the fans, bringing back one of the greatest monsters ever to appear in the series, Season 2's Flukeman, developing its origin and ending with a classic X-Files fake out. Beyond that, Volume 2 resurrects two key characters: Mr. X, chiefly appearing in flashback, and the Cigarette Smoking Man. While it was nice to see both of these characters again, the stories themselves were weak, with the Cigarette Smoking Man story especially being let down by some extremely confusing art work. 

Overall, Season 10 is a fun read, a love letter to fans, but very far from being a must read. I'll be continuing to read, but I was a rabid X-Files fan. For the occasional viewer - or someone who has never watched the show - this may be one to miss. 

I gave The X-Files - Season 10: Volume II 3 stars.

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