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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2014

This week's theme: Top Ten New-to-Me Authors I Read in 2014. I've tried to put together a mix of debut authors and older writers I encountered for the first time for this one. Was difficult to get it down to ten - I have started to read some fantastic writers this year! :)

Brian Staveley

First book I read:  The Emperor's Blades

The Emperor's Blades was one of my fantasy debuts of the year, a classy epic with great characters and some wonderful world building.

Looking forward to: The Providence of Fire, Book Two of the Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne, expected next February

Seanan McGuire
First book I read:  Sparrow Hill Road

Sparrow Hill Road was a real coup-de-coeur read for me, a perfect ghost story. I have since gone back to catch up on the rest of her books.

Looking forward to: Getting to Discount Armageddon, which I have heard a lot about

Conn Iggulden

First book I read: War of the Roses: Stormbird

Stormbird was the first in a series that will chart the eponymous War of the Roses. I had heard a lot about Iggulden, who has also written series' on Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan

Looking forward to: The follow up to Stormbird, Trinity, on my TBR list for later this month!

Maurice Druon

First book I read: Le roi de fer, first book in the Cursed Kings series

I came across Druon through Pat's Fantasy Hotlist. The Cursed Kings is one of George R.R. Martin's influences for Game of Thrones and quite popular over here in France (it has spawned two well received TV series').

Looking forward to: Completing the series next year, four books left!

Marie Lu

First book I read: The Young Elites

I read The Young Elites as part of my Goodreads catch-up, but Lu has been on my radar for a little while.

Looking forward to: You guessed it, the follow up to The Young Elites, due next year

Elizabeth Bear

First book I read: Range of Ghosts

This is probably the name I'm the most ashamed of having on the list - Bear has written a lot of books and they are all right up my alley. It's a crime that I haven't gotten to her before this, especially considering how good Range of Ghosts was.

Looking forward to: The other books in the Eternal Sky trilogy and then, hopefully, the rest of her backlist

Sally Green

First book I read: Half Bad

An obvious Harry Potter homage, Half Bad distinguishes itself by its sheer guts and darkness. I was enthralled by this book and can't wait for the follow up!

Looking forward to: See above! :) Half Wild, due in March

Gilles Legardinier

First book I read: Demain j'arrete

This is probably the favourite new author I discovered this year - Legardinier's mix of humour, crazy situations and fantastic writing have made him a must read for me!

Looking forward to: His new book, Ca peut pas rater, is on my TBR list for this month!

Rene Denfeld

First book I read: The Enchanted

The Enchanted was a heart-breaking novel, reminiscent of Stephen King at his best, but with a voice all of its own.

Looking forward to: Nothing yet! :( As far as I can tell, Denfeld does not have any book coming next year.

T.E Woods

First book I read: The Fixer

Woods' story of a damaged young woman working as a 'fixer', basically an assassin who only goes after people she deems necessary, may at first have seemed a one-book wonder, what with the fantastic twist hidden in the tail-end of the novel. Luckily, Woods has proven not with the follow-up.

Looking forward to: The Unforgivable Fix, which I am reading right now! :)

So there we go. Ten authors I've discovered for the first time in 2014
What about you guys? Who are your top New-To-You authors this year?
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  1. I still really need to read Seanan McGuire! I love her blogging and such and what people say about her books, ha. Maybe something I'll be able to try on audio!