mercredi 10 septembre 2014

The Long Mars by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter

In the aftermath of the Yellowstone eruption on Datum Earth, massive movements of population have spread mankind into the Long Earth worlds. As governments fall and people struggle to survive, Sally, Joshua, Lobsang and Maggie work to rescue the survivors, two incredible journeys are born: one to the outer limits of the Long Earth... and another across the vastness of space to join the Long Mars. As Sally and Maggie embark on their respective journeys, Joshua faces a crisis much closer to home - a new race of mankind has been born out amongst the furthest reaches of Long Earth, a group of super-bright children calling themselves the Next. As hatred and fear rises, the fate of all will be decided at the place called Happy Landings...

Pratchett and Baxter continue to amaze and delight with their Long Earth series, a fantastic collaboration that has now spawned three novels with another three to come. In this latest installment, our heroes are dispatched on a number of varied and disparate missions, each one full of fantastic vistas, and strange and wonderful worlds. While I enjoyed Kauffman's adventures to the further reaches of the Long Earth, including some incredible acid-based lifeforms, the highlight of the book was definitely the journey across the Long Mars that Sarah takes with her father. Full of great ideas and imaginative creations, the Long Mars also holds the key to space travel, a fact that does not become apparent until much later in the novel. Throughout, the story of the Next slowly comes to a boil, ending in an unexpected way. All in all, The Long Mars is a great addition to this series, full of the wonderful imagination and writing of these two giants.

I gave The Long Mars 4 stars.

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