mercredi 17 septembre 2014

Nice Dragons Finish Last by Rachel Aaron

When Julius Heartstriker – youngest and smallest dragon of his clan – is banished to the Detroit Free Zone and trapped in human form by his mother, he is given a month to prove that he can live up to the ruthless ambitious predators that form his family. If he doesn’t, at best he will be trapped in human form forever. At worst… In a city of modern magicians and run by a vengeful spirit who has no patience for dragons, though, Julius soon discovers that he needs a lot of help if he is to survive. But putting his trust in humans may be more complicated than he at first thought…

I don’t know if it is fair to call Rachel Aaron a rising star in the SFF genre anymore – after a fantasy series (completed), a space opera trilogy (completed) and now the beginning of an urban fantasy series starring dragons, she is definitely an established member of the firmament. Although I am ashamed to say I have not read her fantasy series, I devoured the space opera trilogy she released earlier in the year and this new urban fantasy went straight to the top of the TBR list. It was definitely worth it. Starring a young dragon trapped in human form by his mother, Nice Dragons Finish Last is an almost perfect urban fantasy set in a post-apocalyptic type future where magic has returned on the wings of an asteroid impact, unleashing fairy creatures of all description on the Earth. Amongst those are the dragons, ancient beings who have lain in wait for this return and are now returning to their place at the top of the food chain. Julius, unfortunately, is not a particularly well considered specimen of dragonkind, but through the book he learns to embrace his flaws as strengths, proving himself to his family and the human allies he has surrounded himself with. Nice Dragons Finish Last works as a fantastic coming of age tale as well as an urban fantasy, employing a number of exciting set pieces and unfolding a vast array of worldbuilding to fantastic effect. Aaron knows how to tell a fantastic story and she proves that once again here. Highly recommended! 

I gave Nice Dragons Finish Last 5 stars

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