vendredi 19 septembre 2014

Sparrow Hill Road by Seanan McGuire

She has many names. The Phantom Prom Date. The Girl in the Diner. The Spirit of Sparrow Hill Road. But when she was alive, she was called Rose. Rose Marshall. Victim of the man called Bobby Cross, she now lives in the midnight America, amongst the routewitches and ambulomancers, the crossroads ghosts and the poltergeists. Sixty years after her death, though, Bobby Cross still haunts her. The man who sold his soul to live forever has only ever let one soul slip through his fingers and he has no intention of giving up until Rose is added to his collection. Welcome to the ghostroads.

Once every so often, a book comes along so awesome, so perfectly tailored for your reading tastes of the time that it can leave a reader giddy. Sparrow Hill Road was that for me. A tale of ghost stories, hitch hikers, crossroads and Americana, Sparrow Hill Road is epic in the best sense of the word: a story that crosses time and space, descending down through multiple levels of reality and oozing with haunts and ghouls. More importantly, though, Sparrow Hill Road is the story of a girl and the life she enjoys after her death. Rose is more than the main character here – she is our guide, our friend and our protector against the things that go bump in the night. I fell in love with Rose Marshall and I desperately hope that Seanan McGuire will come back to her – her story seems far from over as you turn the last page. McGuire is a fantastic writer and her other books have been firmly placed on the top of my To Read List after this. Highly, highly, highly recommended!

I gave Sparrow Hill Road 5 stars

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