lundi 15 septembre 2014

The String Diaries by Stephen Lloyd Jones

With her husband bleeding out in the seat beside her, Hannah is driving frantically, trying to find a safe place for her family. They are being hunted, tracked by a man who can change his shape, slip into the intimate lives of his victims and destroy them from within. A man who has been alive since the early 19th century. A man who is obsessed with her and her family. As his story is traced through the cache of diaries locked in the trunk of Hannah’s car, from Hungary in the 1800s to Oxford in the 1970s, Hannah realizes that if she is to have a chance of a different life for her daughter, she must do the one thing her entire family has always been terrified to do – stop running…
The String Diaries came up in a blog post a few months ago and the storyline immediately caught my attention, thrusting it to the top of my to-read list. I’m glad it did, because The String Diaries is a great thriller that covers a sweeping period of time, told at first in alternating chapters between the past of the man who is tracking Hannah, her father’s meeting with Hannah’s mother, and Hannah herself as she tries to keep one step ahead. The villain’s ability to take on any shape creates a really claustrophobic, stressful atmosphere, leading to some amazing twists and some real gut punch moments. Hannah is a great heroine, strong and real, determined to protect her family. While the ending is wrapped up a little too neatly with the one twist I saw coming from quite a ways away, the rest of the book was masterful and I will definitely be picking up the sequel.
I gave The String Diaries 4 stars.

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