jeudi 18 septembre 2014

The Widow's House by Daniel Abraham

Spurned by the one woman he has ever loved, Lord Regent Geder Palliako intensifies his war, pushing his men into battle in the name of vengeance. Accompanying her son, who leads the Regent’s army, Clara Kalliam, loyal to the throne but traitor to the man, struggles to balance the woman she used to be with the woman she wants to become. Cithin bel Sarcour, the Regent’s obsession, finds herself trapped in Porte Oliva as the priests of the spider goddess close in. And Captain Marcus Wester discovers the truth about the past as dragons fly in the skies once again…

The Tyrant’s Law ended on one hell of a cliffhanger as Marcus Wester and the renegade priest Kit awoke the last surviving dragon, unleashing the ancient race on the world once more. The Widow’s House picks up the threads in the aftermath of those events, bringing Geder’s growing obsession with Cithrin to a head and intensifying the war that has been building over the past couple of books. Once again, Daniel Abraham does a fantastic job juggling all the different characters, twisting events in ways that are both unexpected and refreshing, and setting things up for the final few books. The truth behind the origin of the war is surprising, as is the decisions made by Clara and Cithrin, but it all remains true to the story and to the people that Abraham has gone to such lengths to create. The worldbuilding continues to grow in complexity and depth, giving The Dagger and the Coin series a breadth that the first volume may have lacked. More importantly, Cithrin grows closer to the character we have been expecting, giving new meaning to the series title. All in all, a fine continuation of an unlauded epic fantasy series.
I gave The Widow’s House 4 stars.

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